A Student Development Experience in a Development Context

A Local Perspective

Our service learning experience has been a tremendous experience for us all and will continue to be as the last few weeks develop. As we travel on our journey around Tanzania, we have met and have been touched by the lives of those we encounter, but the experience is not one sided. One of our main goals while here is to aid in the development of the CPAR Tanzania staff’s communication skills through various mediums. We have already flown through most of the tasks that we were assigned to cover and will soon be tackling an additional program or two due to popular demand. The excitement level is high and everyone is eager to learn. What more could you ask for out of a learning environment?

One of CPAR Tanzania’s field officers, Nderingo G. Naiman, was kind enough to offer his perspective of the service learning experience thus far, and the impact that the program has had on him.

“The Badili Mitzamo team has been here for almost two weeks. During this time, myself and my fellow CPAR team members, has been enjoying the training and ideas we have been sharing with them. The good thing is that we are learning from each other; they get a first hand experience of Tanzania life, but also they are giving us what they know, especially in terms of technology. I can confidently say that the communication training we are receiving from the Badili Mitzamo team is very vital for our career development and even our personal life. We have been having many visitors here, but the Badili team visit has, in my opinion, been the most important for my knowledge development and for exchanging experiences.”

As the trip progresses it will be interesting to see how each of us grows. Stay tuned for more discussion with the CPAR Tanzania staff.

– Jacklynn –





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